The SACTWU Spring Queen Fashion Pageant 2016 Finals

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On 12th November 2016 SACTWU hosted yet another successful Spring Queen. The Athlone Stadium was packed with 5500 workers attending and being entertained by Cape Town born artists such as Nur Abrahams, Robin Pieters, Andrea Anthony as well as the SACTWU’s Own Talent Contestants representing their companies. This year was also the second year running for our Junior Spring Queen.

The Spring Queen Fashion Pageant is one of the events of the Cape Town Festival. The fashion pageant showcased local garments and at the same time showing off the ladies who contributed to the manufacturing of the clothing.

This year the SACTWU’s Own Talent competition was won by Danielle Saunders from House of Monatic (Vocal Catergory) and Bianca Vos from Lancashire (Dance Catergory).

This year the Junior Spring Queen title went to Liche Johnston who represents Sweer Orr and Lybro.



47 ladies took to the stage in beautiful gowns and impressed the judges. After six weeks of practice and trying to find the right look, Marelise Pedro, from Atlantis, and who works at Seagul Industries was announced as the SACTWU Spring Queen for 2016.
Candice Caswell from The Surgery is our 1st Princess, with Maria Afrika from Falke Euro Socks as the 2nd Princess. The prize for Miss Personality, voted by contestants, was awarded to Nicole Fredericks from Keedo International and Jocelyn Adams from Wear South African was judged being Best Dressed.


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