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Edupeg was purchased by SACTWU (The South African Clothing and Textile Workers Union), in August 1998.

As an established, registered Section 21 organisation, Edupeg works in the field of disadvantaged primary school education, specifically in the areas of numeracy and literacy. This programme is applicable for learners in disadvantaged schools, from Grade R to Grade 7. The activities comprising the programme are contained in 22 individual colour-coded workbooks and include cross-curricular language and literacy, numeracy, life skills and human and environmental sciences. The workbooks are used in conjunction with a self-corrective, injection moulded pegboard, which does not depend on electricity or battery power.
Edupeg strives to enhance learning outcomes at targeted schools by developing the capacity of educators through training, and by making a package of numeracy and literacy resource materials available for use by both teachers and learners. Edupeg provides comprehensive training workshops for teachers, as well as demonstration lessons in a classroom environment, involving principals, teachers and learners.
The programme aims to make learning meaningful and fun during the essential formative years of education. This graded programme is challenging and flexible, is fun to use and is easily understood by learners. Addressing learning issues at Foundation and Intermediate Phase helps to build confidence and self esteem in learners, equips and encourages learners to cope with the challenges of secondary and tertiary level education and can diminish costly intervention at this late stage (at high school/tertiary level).
Fine motor skills and dexterity are developed through manipulation of the pegboard. The flexibility of the programme allows for individual, group or co-operative use. During use, social and co-operative skills are developed.
The durable and non-consumable nature of the SACTWU Edupeg programme allows for ongoing use, year after year. There is a positive environmental factor where huge quantities of paper are not annually consumed (as in written exercises in workbooks) or in on-going photocopying of material. Additionally each new academic year’s school pupil enrolment is exposed to the programme, annually maximizing the number of learners who benefit from SACTWU’s funding.
Edupeg is indigenous and was devised by South African teachers, which ensures that content is applicable to our educational system to comply with the National Education Plan and Outcomes Based Education.
Edupeg is available in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Pedi, Sotho and Zulu.
Edupeg has been awarded an SABS innovative design award in the education category.
The Edupeg programme has a copyright, and is patented in South Africa, U.S.A. and Australia.
SACTWU’s generous and significant support has enabled growth, development and building of infrastructure, in disadvantaged primary schools.
This strategic investment also aims to give SACTWU a wider voice in our educational society and seeks to help to sustain growth and development in this important sector.


To read more about Edupeg, visit the Edupeg website.