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Funeral and Retirement Benefit Fund
SACTWU provides funeral cover for members and dependents, to help meet the cost of funerals. In addition to the funeral benefit, we provide a retirement benefit for long-serving members.

SACTWU's Benefit Scheme is self-administered. This means that a portion of the union's subscriptions and investment income is put into a dedicated Trust Fund, from which we pay a range of benefits. It is one of few such schemes not administered by an outside insurance company.

Current benefits, effective from 1 February 2014:

Clothing, textiles, tanning, general goods and handbags and ‘other':

Member: R10 000
Spouse:  R6 000
Parents:  R 1 200
Children 0-6 years: R 1 200
Children 7-14 years: R 1 700
Children 15-25 years: R 2 200


Member: R15 000
Spouse:  R 8 600
Parents:  R 1 875
Children 0-6 years: R 1 875
Children 7-14 years: R 3 750
Children 15-25 years: R 8 600

The footwear benefit is funded from a levy of 1% of the basic wage paid by members of SAFLIA (the footwear employer body). This levy became applicable in July 2004 and the improvements to the footwear funeral fund were made shortly thereafter. This levy is not applicable to non-party employers.

The retirement section of the fund pays out to members with long service who have retired. This benefit is as follows:
R 5000 paid for 18 years’ union membership, plus R400 per annum for every year there-after up to a maximum of R10 000.

Our Funeral and Retirement Fund also administers a supplementary sick fund for members in the leather industry.