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The SACTWU Worker Health Program 



 SACTWU policy statement on HIV/AIDS

“As a trade union, we recognise that HIV and AIDS is a major challenge in our society. We have the challenge to launch an education programme to contribute to reducing and preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS, provide counselling to members who are HIV positive, that will assist them in adapting their lives, and to live positively; and educate workers and the rest of society to ensure that those who are HIV positive are not stigmatised and that we produce a caring supportive environment for HIV positive people, at the workplace, in the union and in the wider society.”
The SACTWU Worker Health Program was started in 1998 as a worker awareness education program on HIV and Aids issues, but has since then evolved into a comprehensive program providing the full continuum of care.

The following is a brief outline of our services offered:

  • Condom distribution through the workplace and Bargaining Council clinics.
  • HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) for members and their dependants.
  • Shop steward and workplace training modules conducted by experienced and versatile trainers.
  • TB (Tuberculosis) screening and testing.
  • Male medical circumcision


  • Free primary health care services at clothing Bargaining Council clinics throughout the country.
  • Mobile primary health care in areas that are not close to full time clinic.
  • ARV treatment
  • TB treatment


  • Most SACTWU clinics employ social workers who help members apply for grants, like the child support grant or the disability grant.
  • Support groups are initiated for HIV positive members.
  • A wellness program has been set up to help workers who are HIV positive to stay healthy and well.
  • Skills development workshop for workers who can learn a skill that can be a way earn a living.
  • Home based care for members and their dependants.     

 For further information, events, and latest achievements, you can visit  www.swhp.org.za   OR contact us in the following areas :

CAPE TOWN  ( Head Office )


Head Office
Riverclub, 1st Floor,
271 Victoria Road
Salt River
Cape Town
South Africa
021 447 0543
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Riverclub, 1st Floor
271 Victoria Road
Salt River
Tel:         (021) 448 5263
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CAPE TOWN  ( Clinic )
Industria House
350 Victoria Road
Salt River
Tel:      (021) 448 5263
Fax:     (021) 448 7200