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Friday, 29 November 2013 14:07


This World AIDS Day, members of the Southern African Clothing & Textile Workers' Union(SACTWU)  have worked hard in giving a "face" to the HIV pandemic that has infected and affected the lives of so many South Africans.  Over the last month, workers from clothing and textile factories across the country have created dolls that "speak" for people who are HIV infected and affected or those who have encountered domestic violence and sexual abuse.
The key aim of project was to combine art and positive living of people who are infected and affected by the HIV virus and to educate local factories and communities about the epidemic. Each factory was required to create a doll that told "their story" about HIV/AIDS and or gender based violence.  The project is dedicated to preserving the life stories of those infected or affected with HIV, together with those that have experienced gender based violence and abuse. It enabled a "safe place" for people to voice their feelings, to give outsiders an opportunity to gain some insight into other people's lives and to learn from their experiences. The goal of the project was to give workers the strength to stand up for themselves as well as to provide inspiration to others.
Dolls are to be returned to SACTWU Worker Health Program before 30 November 2013 and will be judged on Sunday 1st December, with Regional winners being announced on Monday 02 December.  Dolls will initially be exhibited at regional Union offices and negotiations are currently underway to further exhibit in galleries and museums across the country.
Media are invited to view these unique works.  For further information kindly contact SACTWU Worker Health Care Program Executive Director, Nikki Soboil on 082 4493029 or Fachmy Abrahams, Co-ordinator in the Office of the General Secretary, on 021 447 4570.
Issued by
Nikki Soboil
Executive Director
SACTWU Worker Health Program
021 447 0543
082 4493029