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Monday, 14 September 2015 10:44


The COSATU-affiliated Southern African Clothing & Textile Workers’ Union (SACTWU) has called a Special Extended Regional Executive Committee (REC) meeting in the Western Cape, for tomorrow, Tuesday 15 July 2015.

This is an unusual step for the union, which very seldom calls such a Special meeting of its most senior constitutional structure in the Province.

The purpose is to finalise a mandate on whether or not to call for a general strike in the Western Cape Province, to protest the union’s unhappiness with the City of Cape Town’s unilateral decision to lease the Goodhope Centre to a film studio company. This decision has jeopardised the union’s 40 year old Spring Queen Pageant, which has for decades been hosted at this venue.

On Thursday evening, a SACTWU  Western Cape Regional Shop Stewards’ Council meeting attended by close to 300 SACTWU shop stewards representing over 25 000 members  resolved to seek a mandate from clothing. Textile and leather workers to instruct the union leadership to lodge a Section 77 Labour Relations Act (LRA) Notice with the National Economic & Development Council (NEDLAC).

The mandating process commenced in local clothing, textile and leather factories last Friday (11 September 2015) and is expected to be completed by tomorrow morning (Tuesday 15 September 2015).

Our Special Extended REC meeting to be held tomorrow is expected to consolidate the individual factory mandates on the matter, into one Provincial-wide decision.

Should the union leadership secure such a mandate, a general strike by thousands of SACTWU members against the City’s unacceptable actions could be called as early as October this year. We expect that such a protest action will additionally be supported by many civil society organisations in the Western Cape, through our  recently launched “Raak Wys” campaign, regarding this matter.

SACTWU does not accept the disrespectful manner in which our members’ premier “Save Jobs Campaign” popularizing event has been summarily dismissed by the City. Our Spring Queen Pageant is about promoting local jobs by promoting locally manufactured fashion. Local does not appear to be “Lekka” for the City.

The union has last called a Special Extended REC meeting more than 19 years ago.

Issued by

Andre Kriel
General Secretary

If further comment or information  is required, kindly contact Mr Fachmy Abrahams, Co-ordinator in the Office of the General Secretary, on cell number 082 522 2386 or office number 0214474570.

Explanatory Note:
1.         A Section 77 LRA Notice allows a trade union to call for a strike if its members’ socio-economic interests are threatened.  Such a strike in law is called “Section 77 socio-economic protest action”. It is “protected action” (i.e, “legal”) and workers cannot be disciplined for exercising their right to participate there-in. It also extends such “protection” to every citizen, irrespective of whether or not such a citizen is a SACTWU member or not.

2.  An “Extended”  REC of SACTWU  is a meeting which incorporates more delegates than just the normal Regional Executive Council (REC) delegates (which normally is 3 per SACTWU union Branch, plus or Regional Office Bearers).  Our “extended” REC  also includes all members of the Branch Executive Committee (BEC),  averaging about 20 delegates per union Branch. SACTWU has 12 Branches in the Western Cape. This means that we expect about 200 delegates to attend our Extended REC meeting tomorrow. Our Normal REC meeting has only 36 delegates from our 12 branches, plus our 3 worker Regional Office Bearers (meaning a normal REC meeting consists of no more than 39 delegates).