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Southern African Labour Research Institute (SALRI)

The Southern African Labour Research Institute (SALRI) is a trade union research unit associated with SACTWU.

Most of SALRI's work is focussed on providing research and technical support and event management services to SACTWU. SALRI's outputs help build the capacity of the union to engage with other stakeholders in order to advance the economic and social interests of its members. The types of support that the unit provides to SACTWU include:


SALRI does work on various economic issues that confront SACTWU and its membership. In this regard extensive research has been done on domestic and international trade and industrial policies and sector strategies as these affect the domestic textile, clothing, footwear and leather industry.


SALRI has undertaken a range of research which assists the union in its recruitment, organisational building and other campaigns.

Collective Bargaining

SALRI provides back-up research to SACTWU's collective bargaining negotiators.

Procurement & ‘Buy local'

For several years now, SALRI has provided information and management services to SACTWU to help strengthen the union's ‘Buy local' campaign.

SALRI's staff regularly supports the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) by assisting and representing it within various bodies, including in the National Economic, Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC).

SALRI staff has also done research and work for organisations other than SACTWU. In this regard SALRI has completed research papers for the International Labour Organisation, Oxfam and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and done research projects with the Community Agency for Social Enquiry (CASE).

An example of the external work done by SALRI includes this article by senior researcher, Etienne Vlok:

South African clothing and textile industry

published in

The Future of the Textile and Clothing Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa

by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in 2006.